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Welcome to your affiliate area. Here you can find information about your referrals and code to use for proper tracking.

Affiliate Information (this is the same info as your main user/customer account)


Your Affiliate ID


There are multiple ways to properly track referrals and sales…

Via Basic URL Links with Your Affiliate ID…

Your affiliate URL (to our home page):

Use this code to create a clickable affiliate link (to our home page):
<a href="[affiliates_url]">Affiliate link</a>

Tip: You can change the text Affiliate link to something more attractive.

Another example of a URL to our products page…

Your affiliate ID can be added to the end of any URL using the same format shown – including the “/” before the “?”.

Via Tracking Pixel…

Use this code on your home page or any/all pages on your site and all referrals will get tracked just by visiting your page first:


Via Banner Image…

Use the code below to show the banner image on your site with appropriate referrer URL (please let us know if you need different banner sizes, ratios, etc.):



Total Earnings

Commissions pending payment
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Commissions paid
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Number of sales referred

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Monthly Earnings

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