Please read the directions and cautions printed on the can as well as the rest of the FAQs on our website.

Our spray is quite intuitive and easy to use but for best consistent results and performance…

STAND upright to spray… Our RefEDGE PRO™ was specifically designed to be sprayed while STANDING and the spray maintains a tight jet stream in the air and the foam is created when the spray impacts the ground.  You do NOT need to bend over or have the can close to the ground.  The perfect line is attained by standing upright and standing still and making a single pass with the can at a medium speed.  A 10-11 foot line can be made in a single pass while standing in one spot.  Practice to attain the right speed and the right amount of foam on the field to make a great line in one pass.  Please see our YouTube videos here…

Always test all your gear (including your RefEDGE PRO™) before the start of a game.

Always be sure the contents are mixed well before the start of a game and ready for first use…  Any aerosol that sits still for a long time may have separation of ingredients.  If the ingredients aren’t mixed well, the spray will be more “misty” and will not keep a tight jet-type stream in the air.  Mix more, wait and test.  Usually, normal agitation from being handled or from travel is adequate for proper mixing but if an aerosol has been stored and not moved for weeks, you will want to mix it well.  During the course of a typical game, the running and movement of the can is more than enough to agitate the can for normal use.  For full/new cans, turning the can end over end first for 30+ seconds, then a slow back-and-forth, then a faster back-and-forth is best for mixing.  With partially full cans, any motion is fine including vigorous shaking.

Be sure the nozzle (actuator) is aligned well on the can…  Turning the white nozzle a quarter turn can help make sure the nozzle is well seated and aligned on the can if the spray seems “misty”.

Store RefEDGE PRO™ at room temperature…  Aerosols perform better at room temperatures or slightly warmer.  The ingredients do not mix and perform as well at lower temperatures and are more likely to separate when stored at lower temperatures.  However, this will not permanently damage the spray (even if frozen), it just means you should warm up to room temperature and mix well and test before use.

Heed the “airy” warning, have a spare and don’t run out…  RefEDGE PRO™ is the only spray that gives the “airy” warning when almost empty and won’t leave you in a lurch “mid-spray”.  Once the spray turns “airy”, there is about 3-4 usable sprays left in the can that can be used by holding closer to the ground and will still make great lines.  Grab a full spare can next chance so you can Stand-and-Spray™ again.

Remove the Cap on the field…  RefEDGE PRO™ works best with the GRIPCAGE™ when the plastic cap is removed from the top of the can for game time use.  This allows the referee to easily grasp the can.  The cap is not intended for game time use.

Grasp the body/shoulder of the can to remove it from the GRIPCAGE™ holster and do not grasp the white nozzle.  The GRIPCAGE™ is designed to have maximum contact (and friction) on all surfaces of the RefEDGE PRO™ can while it’s in the holster.  To easily extract the RefEDGE PRO™, grasp the can itself (not the the nozzle) above the GRIPCAGE™ logo near the spine/back of the holster (in the V-shaped open area) and pull up and at a slightly outward angle.  Pulling the can slightly away from the body when extracting breaks the contact/friction with the walls of the GRIPCAGE™ allowing for easy extraction.  First pushing up on the bottom of the can with your middle/index finger is also preferred by some refs to expose more of the can to then grasp – while using this technique, holding the heel of your hand against the can will assure you don’t pop the can out of the holster abruptly .

Vary spray delivery for conditions and desired effect…  When needed, RefEDGE PRO™ allows you to Control the Line™ and vary the look of the line and its’ dwell time on the field.  Most of the time, no extra thought is needed to make great lines on the field, however, in certain conditions, as needed, the height/visibility of the foam can be accentuated (and it’s dwell time lengthened) by slowing down the speed of the spray when spraying on the field.  Moving the can fast while spraying will result in less foam and a shorter dwell time while, conversely,  moving the can slower will allow more foam to pile up resulting in a more visible line and longer dwell time of the foam.  Special conditions to consider: televised events – spray slower for more visibility; very high winds (above 15-20mph) – hold closer to ground; rainy – spray slower for more foam.  A single motion/spray at the proper speed is recommended rather than going back and forth over the same line.