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6-Pack – RefEDGE PRO™ 3.2 oz

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The perfect size for the professional referee who doesn’t want to run out in the middle of the came – also perfect for small tournaments.  Don’t be left behind – allow your referees to use RefEDGE PRO™ as the tool to Control The Game™.

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RefEDGE PRO™ is the only vanishing referee spray with the patent pending Stand-and-Spray™ delivery method.  No need to bend over to mark the field anymore – don’t take your eyes off the game.  Our design also warns you when you only have a few sprays left in the can, preventing you from running out in the middle of a critical free-kick.  Paired with our patent pending GRIPCAGE™ holster, RefEDGE PRO™ can’t be beat.  Our 6-pack of RefEDGE PRO™ 3.2 oz cans is the perfect size for the professional referee who doesn’t want to run out in the middle of the game – also perfect for small tournaments.  Surprise your tournament teams with the latest product soccer has to offer.  Let your teams and players feel like world-class players when your referees break out RefEDGE PRO™.  Take your tournament to the next level.  The 6-pack container easily converts to a retail-ready shelf display box for single cans.  6-pack has its’ own unique UPC barcode on the box bottom.

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3 reviews for 6-Pack – RefEDGE PRO™ 3.2 oz

  1. KCollins5 (verified owner)

    The RefEDGE Pro spray works fantastic each and envy time! Players and coaches love it . It takes the guess work out of the equation. I recommend RefEDGE Spray to all my refereeing colleagues (mainly so they will stop taking mine…). Just one more tool to utilize for game management and add to your professionalism.
    Great customer service, fast shipping.

  2. Bensonp83 (verified owner)

    Good spray. Narrow stream which makes nice lines. I’d like to see the “button” on the spray be a different color if possible. Sometimes I find myself looking for where to press to release the spray. I’ve had nothing but good things to say about it to fellow referees.

    I get comments from coaches, players and fans every time I use it…all positive.

  3. Eric Anderson (verified owner)

    The ReFEDGE PRO Vanishing Spray is the best I have used. Simple and reliable to use. This is a product you will enjoy and find very useful. You will be grateful to add this to your referee tool bag.

    Each application has performed excellent when applied. Mark the ball area, set the distance, mark the distance with a line, and provide a simple and polite expectation verbally. The players enjoy and respect the professionalism you are providing and know that you are bringing your best to the match.

    Take it to the next level and provide each AR with a can and holder for the match. This is a small investment to raise the level of your game to the next level. The fans love it. The players respect it and it allows better control when needed. ReFEDGE Pro add a whole new level of professionalism to your game.

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