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GRIPCAGE™ Holster (Kelly Green)

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The patent-pending GRIPCAGE is custom designed and manufactured with the professional in mind.  The design is versatile, easy-to-use and is the quickest on the market. Comes with one VersiClip belt clip included.

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The patent-pending GRIPCAGE™ is custom designed and manufactured with the professional in mind.  The design is versatile, easy-to-use and is the quickest on the market.  The GRIPCAGE will accept the RefEDGE PRO™ can quickly and easily in one of three ways – slide it in the top, snap it in directly sidewards, or put the can bottom in first and click the top in upright.  Super easy and super quick – there’s no need to even look at the holster with a little practice.  With the matching patent-pending VersiClip belt clip, the holster can be positioned in four ways – locked vertically, locked horizontally right-handed, locked horizontally left-handed, or free swinging.  The quickest spray holster on the market – period.  Stop fiddling to get your spray back in its’ home – use RefEDGE PRO™ and the GRIPCAGE™ holster instead. Fits the RefEDGE PRO™ 3.2 oz. can perfectly.  Comes with one VersiClip™ belt clip included. Color coordinated to match pro jerseys.

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Weight .08 lbs
Dimensions 2.2 × 1.7 × 4.9 in


2 reviews for GRIPCAGE™ Holster (Kelly Green)

  1. Eric Anderson

    The GRIPCAGE HOLSTER is very simple to use, functional, and sturdy. The GRIPCAGE stays where I have clipped it to my shorts and is stable and allows easy access to my RefEDGE PRO vanishing spray. Convenient slide in and out yet, never worried about the can falling out while running.. You may also like to purchase a simple black strap belt; this will allow you to move the spray from center back to one side of the body when in use.

  2. Ted Terroux

    We actually use the Gripcage as a holster for canisters of citronella dog spray (Spray Shield). The canister can be quickly removed from the holster as is, though alternatively, a short wrap of masking tape around the canister keeps it firmly in the holster for the belt-clip release if preferred. We’ve tried a number of other products, but none has worked as well as Gripcage! Our clients love these as well. Spray Shield is a painless citrus/water spray that dogs find very distasteful and shuts down aggressive approaches 95% of the time. Great for keeping stray/uncontrolled off-leash dogs at bay. The Gripcage makes it easy to respond quickly rather than fumbling around in your pockets!

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