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RefEDGE PRO™ Starter Pack

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This starter pack is the perfect intro to the best spray on the market and is paired with the quickest and easiest-to-use GRIPCAGE™ holster (with one VersiClip™ belt clip included also).

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Includes 2 cans of RefEDGE PRO™ and 1 GRIPCAGE™ Holster

The patent-pending GRIPCAGE™ is custom designed and manufactured with the professional in mind.  The design is versatile, easy-to-use and is the quickest on the market.  The GRIPCAGE will accept the RefEDGE PRO™ can quickly and easily in one of three ways – slide it in the top, snap it in directly sidewards, or put the can bottom in first and snap the top in upright.  Super easy and super quick – there’s no need to even look at the holster with a little practice.  With the matching patent-pending VersiClip belt clip, the holster can be positioned in four ways – locked vertically, locked horizontally right-handed, locked horizontally left-handed, or free swinging.  The quickest spray holster on the market – period.  Stop fiddling to get your spray back in its’ home – use RefEDGE PRO™ and the GRIPCAGE™ holster instead. Fits the RefEDGE PRO™ 3.2 oz. can perfectly.  Comes with one VersiClip™ belt clip included.

RefEDGE PRO™ is the only vanishing referee spray with the patent pending Stand-and-Spray™ delivery method.  No need to bend over to mark the field anymore – don’t take your eyes off the game.  Our design also warns you when you only have a few sprays left in the can, preventing you from running out in the middle of a critical free-kick.  Paired with our patent pending GRIPCAGE™ holster, RefEDGE PRO™ can’t be beat.  Surprise your school and team with the latest product soccer has to offer.  Let your teams and players feel like world-class players when your referees break out RefEDGE PRO™.  Take your games to the next level.  Our RefEDGE PRO™ 3.2 oz can has its’ own unique UPC barcode and is retail-ready.

See RefEDGE PRO™ Best Practices for more info.

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