In addition to national phase patents filed in other countries, RefEDGE, LLC has filed in the European Union representing the 38 member countries.  RefEDGE, LLC, makers of RefEDGE PRO vanishing referee spray and related referee products, holds pending patents in USA, Canada, Switzerland and other countries abroad as well.  Their patents include protections for their proprietary Stand-and-Spray delivery method as well as their advanced holster and clip features. The Stand-and-Spray delivery method is unique to the world and allows the user (referee) to stand upright when spraying the formula.  This delivery method combines proprietary formulation, propellant, valve and actuator to allow the spray to be used at a much greater distance than all others on the market while still maintaining a tidy, usable marking line on the field.  In addition to the spray, RefEDGE has patents filed for protections of their versatile and fast can holster, the GRIPCAGE.  Various features of the holster allow it to be easily locked vertically as well as horizontally as well as free swinging.  In addition to the mounting flexibility, the holster’s shape allows flexibility in how the can is inserted allowing for easy top entry by sliding it in from the top OR side entry by snapping the can in directly sideward while parallel to the holster OR tilting it in by “stabbing” the bottom of the can in the middle of the holster and tilting the top inward (the fastest way).

Jason Record, Owner of RefEDGE, said Monday, “We think the EU is an important part of the continued growth of our better proprietary products.  We are excited to file in the EU and look forward to the opportunities.  We think these patents will help further cement and protect RefEDGE as the leader in this space at an international level.  Along with RefEDGE PRO and the GRIPCAGE, we look forward to releasing other products in the near future.”

RefEDGE, LLC is a Maine company with customers on 6 continents.