The owners of RefEDGE, LLC file patents to protect delivery method and holster features.  In anticipation of their public launch and after much top secret R&D, patents have been filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office seeking protections in the United States and up to 140+ other countries.   One patent seeks protection on the owners proprietary stand and spray delivery method which is unique to the world and allows the user (referee) to stand upright when spraying the formula.  This delivery method combines proprietary formula, propellant, valve and actuator to allow the spray to be used at a much greater distance than all others on the market while still maintaining a tidy, usable marking line on the field.  In addition to the delivery method filing, another filing seeks protection for features unique to their can holster which allow it multi-function use.  Various features of the holster allow it to be easily locked vertically as well as horizontally as well as free swinging.  In addition to the mounting flexibility, the holster’s shape allows flexibility in how the can is inserted allowing for easy top entry by sliding it in from the top OR side entry by snapping the can in directly sideward while parallel to the holster OR tilting it in by “stabbing” the bottom of the can in the middle of the holster and tilting the top inward (the fastest way).   RefEDGE, LLC is a Maine company and makers of vanishing referee spray among other products.