RefEDGE Adds YouTube Channel

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In an effort to better promote, emphasize and educate about the exceptional features of the RefEDGE products, RefEDGE has created a YouTube channel dedicated to this cause.  The first round of videos feature the versatility and use of the GRIPCAGE™ holster as well as the RefEDGE PRO™ spray in use.  The videos of the spray show it being used on a rather windy day (12-15 mph) and the performance is still very impressive, especially considering it is being sprayed from a full standing position.  A couple of the videos compare other sprays under these same windy and standing upright conditions – they did not perform well under these conditions.  The day was also cold at about 42 degrees F.  More videos are to come.  RefEDGE invites YouTube users to subscribe to the channel by visiting