Francisco Davila, Owner and Founder of US Referee Connection ( praises RefEDGE for their products and design.  After recent use and testing in games, Francisco gave the RefEDGE PRO™ vanishing referee spray and the GRIPCAGE™ holster two big thumbs up.  Francisco noted the improvements over other sprays saying the, “can size is perfect” and “I like the stand-and-spray so I can still see the field”.  As well, he loves the way the dwell time can be varied and the fact that the spray is Made In The USA, and added he loves the way the can and 6-pack box looks.  Additionally, Francisco went through the various benefits and flexibility of the GRIPCAGE™ holster and declared, “it is the best one I’ve used”, and regarding the price… “perfect”, he said.  Sounds like the efforts of RefEDGE over the last couple years have been confirmed and the new products are sure to be a favorite for all pros.  Francisco Davila is a well-respected referee, mentor and educator in the soccer referee world and beyond, and lives in Southern California.  RefEDGE, LLC is a Maine company.